Give Me My Concentra Already!

I hate these Parliaments because they make me feel ill. I can't even smoke a whole one :D.

I think I'm getting closer to making myself hate this smoking habit.

How about we do story time!

I have to make it short because Ray J is on in a few, and I want to hear all about Danger's pregnancy with Ray J (gasp!). Well I was 15 when I lost my v-card to a senior I was dating. At the time all I wanted to do was get it done and over with so this sex topic wouldn't look so frightening to me. At the time I thought I would lose it to this senior because he seemed like such a hot shot and swore he knew everything he needed to know about sex. So I did it, and I felt the same. The first time was so boring I really wasn't into sex, so I gave it up. It wasn't a big deal really. I wasn't doing much of anything actually because everything about sex was so boring. I wouldn't put out anymore or do anything of that matter so he dumped me and I showed no emotion. He was very confused since I didn't cry or want an explanation for the dumping. I, being so young and naive had no idea I was suppose to beg him back. Whatever, he got over it after a few months.

Then I started dating this kid, Chi Chi, and we dated for about three months before I actually got those hormones pumping through me and wanted to have sex. It's weird how when you actually like someone it makes you want to have sex with them. Anyways, we had sex and it was the most painful thing ever. Afterward I realized he broke my hymen (ahh! graphic thoughts!) and took my v-card with pride (motherfucker). No wonder my first time was lame, the senior either did not know squat about what he was doing or was... you know.

So from this moment on I will fully claim to have lost it at 16 and not 15.

There - no more complaints about me not writing enough about sex or the posts being too vague!