21 amazing things about being 21

21. No real need to settle down and get your life situated.
20. You can literally party all night and head into work running on one hour sleep and survive.
19. College life is as real as it gets.
18. You can still audition for the real world.
17. MTV has not yet become a guilty pleasure. We can freely discuss all Hill's episodes.
16. You have a higher chance of securing free booze than the 36 year old lady next to you at the bar.
15. No need to work out- we still have our youthful looking bodies...
14. along with some perky tits.
13. One night stands are not frowned upon, but instead celebrated.
12. We're still young enough to go to concerts without being creepy-ish.
11. Heck, we're still young enough to date high school seniors.
10. And we're coveted amongst the 27+ age group.
9. Longer stamina to go a whole night :D
8. We can easily navigate ourselves to the nearest open bar while intoxicated.
7. It's acceptable to literally pee anywhere, especially outside.
6. No real need to worry about our excessive debt.
5. You can still live at home without shame.
4. But if you do rent, you sure as hell can throw as many Keggers without shame.
3. Finally experiencing a real orgasm.
2. Discounted student everything from airfare to lunch at the zoo.
1. "I was sooooo wasted" is a legit excuse for anything, no matter what the case.