I've been rapping for about 17 years, okay. I don't write my stuff anymore. I just kick it from my head.

Wait, what do mean there are gonna be changes made? I'm scared and I might just piss myself. I thought all I had to do was show up and now you're telling me I need to be careful with any decisions that might harm my image? So I can't do what I wish with my hair, and I have to give away my skateboard.

Muffled sounds.

Well, that is a lot of money. Actually that's enough to buy myself a mail-order husband. So how many hours would like to stay at the gym for? Yea, no problem. It'll be a piece of uneaten cake.

My Old Happy Carefree Schedule on a Given Day

8am Wake up/Walk Miles
9am Watch a Rachel Zoe rerun
10am Watch the Fitness Channel so I can feel I worked out
11am Shower/Get ready for class
12-2pm Class
3-9pm Work at American Apparel - break: shoot the shit at ATMOS, while eating my BK.
10pm Bar/Party
***check facebook every hour via Mobile***

New Money-Maker Schedule as Instructed
5-7am Hit up the gym/Walk Miles
8am Prepare for go sees/check e-mail and voice mails
9-12pm Go Sees
12-2pm Class
3-9pm Work - During Work: more auditions/gigs and eating only healthy food (whatever that is)
10pm Home/Walk Miles - at least 10 hours of sleep (wth?) and beautify
***no alcohol or junk food allowed

I might die without my vices. Hopefully I'll gain a movie buddy out of this.

Movie date anyone?