I feel like Music Sounds Better with You Baby

So I guess I'm taking the bait (the band of fake brothers have convinced me). PYT needs to up her ante. Not like I have the time, but when I spend time I need to make sure it's time well spent under the spotlight. So if he's gonna move me with some mystery he's gotta be up to par.


-Funny (use to be the only thing on the list since laughter is the key to my heart)
-College educated/or just really smart
-Employed (I don't deal with drug dealers anymore)
-Clean in all aspects (B.O. is a major turn off)
-Must love blind dogs
-Independent (A man that can occupy himself is a man indeed)
-A lil' crazy (I have enough crazy for the both of us)
-Into Karma-Sutra and Wendy's at the same time

And let's not forget the most important things...

-Must not be intimidated by me. You would be surprised by how many guys lose their courage.

Now you're all probably thinking, what do I have to offer you. Well, honey I'm just too busy for something that serious. Besides it would be a miracle for someone to posses all of the above.

Thursday's Post (sorry kids).