Beauty Doesn't Make Life Easy, It Makes Life Harder.

I'm so tired of guys/girls/hamsters/people in general taking me at face value. Yes, I may have the looks now, but looks fade with time. Am I right or am I right? Dur, I'm right. Things may going well and rapidly for me at the time, but at night I sometimes tear a little. It took me a really long time to get to where I am physically, mentally, and whatever other word that is suppose to go there. A year ago (more like 6 months ago) I was a complete mess. Time was at a stand-still. I mean if looks got me things it sure as hell didn't get me shit at that time.

With the looks comes the sexual harassment in the workforce, on the street, on the subway cart, at family events. It's sometimes really hard to avoid. I've been followed countless times, sometimes with bad outcomes. When people want to date me, my he-only-wants-sex radar goes off. People are aggressive to me, x-bff's tried to bring me down. Things like that are so common to me now, but they shouldn't be.

Yes, I know another rant. But, just once I would love to hear a guy/female friend in particular just listen to me, and see that there is more to me than meets the eye. I'm done listening (unless you're rad). I mean most guys that date me now, don't even know I like to experiment with different variations of food, draw out story boards on train platforms, have brothers, draw out plans for a bar I want to open up, or that I collect and fix old cameras. I mean if looks made life so easy, than let me ask you where my million dollars and Marc Jacobs handbag collection is. Come on now, we all know what happened to Gia.

I'm telling you if you keep taking me at face value, you might as well take me for granted now. Some people may not want me to waste my beauty, but it's more important that I as a person don't waste away my life on putas.

Remember everybody has problems, no matter what they look like.