"I promise you I'll wear my heels out of here."

As soon as I left the hotel and turned the corner, I quickly made a shoe change. Don't worry, eventually I will learn how to balance with 6 extra inches come February. I need to purchase my first heels, nothing too fancy just something comfy, sort of like my first car. Break those in and cause head-on collisions.

Some of you are probably wondering when the sex talk will make an appearance. I will talk about my sex life but first I need to have a sex life. It's not as easy as opening your legs, because you can't just open your legs to anyone. And that's just dirty. I also have to figure out a way to describe my escapades gracefully. I also need to find the (or least for me) special, current and recurring man, not boy which is hard to do. I mean I would've done the deed last night but I fell asleep with L'etranger on my face. He was sweet though; he took the book off my face and tucked me in. I'm happy with that.

I really hope this works, otherwise I'll become a nun and this blog will die. In the meanwhile don't forget to look at my huge Marc Jacob's ring. It makes my hands look petite, be jealous.