The Essentials: October 2018

Holy cow! I haven’t done an “essentials” post in over a year! I usually store my empties until one of these posts go up so you can only imagine the pile of recyclables I had hanging out in my living room.

Once I go through this pile I’ll start giving these posts a more curated theme.

Anyway, let's get to it!

monthly essentials october 2018.jpg

Hair: Garnier Fructis sent me their collection of hair care products which was a walk down memory lane. I loved all things Garnier when in high school - it was the only brand that detangled my curls and tamed my frizz. So of course, I decided to give their Damage Eraser line a try and I still love it! My color-treated hair felt so hydrated and strong after each use. I definitely recommend picking up this drugstore favorite if salon brands are out of your budget. Another favorite I reached for again and again this summer, was Vernon Francois’ Revamp Conditioner Spray. Now Vernon is a celebrity is a natural hair stylist so he definitely knows how to treat the curl right and has definitely used his knowledge to create a line specifically made for me. Or so it feels. This is one standout favorite that I love and use it as a refresher for my curls more than as a conditioner.

Face: Each one that made it on here is so GOOD. In an effort to not overwhelm you I’ll stick to my top 3. First and foremost, Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream is a godsend. It’s a light moisturizer that packs a heavy punch and smells divine. This is definitely something I’ll repurchase and have it stocked at my boyfriend’s apartment too! Next up is The Ordinary’s Niacinamide Serum as it’s been a definite game changer. Each bottle costs about $6 and helps fade acne marks and prevents new zits from popping up. It melts right into my skin too so it’s great for layering. Lastly, La Roche-Porsay’s Serozinc is finally being sold stateside! But due to heavy demand these guys sell out so quickly. I honestly have email alerts for when they’re stocked so I can scoop up a few bottles. Now you’re probably wondering what’s so great about this face mist? WELL, this face mist helps mattify your skin which is perfect for those of us with oily/combination skin. It’s also does wonders for clearing up acne.

Body: Okay, so I’ve been obsessed with the Dorco Shai razors. They’re 6 blade razors, that pivot around curves seamlessly. The best part, they’re priced at 35% cheaper than well known drugstore brands and in my experience work much better. I know on my Instagram Stories I mentioned signing up for the Billy razors so I’ll let you know how it compares to this.

Makeup: Let’s have a moment of silence for my favorite nude lip gloss from L’Oreal in Coral Sands. This shade has probably made in an appearance in about 65% of my outfit posts. Whether I was wearing a full look of makeup or went barefaced - this color went perfectly with everything. I dread the day L’Oreal discontinues this color.

Fashion: YOU GUYS. Everlane made jeans and they are amazing. The fit, the stretch, the colors - so good! The only thing I will say is to get them a size smaller and embrace your curves.

Any favorites you've been loving this month?

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