The Essentials: September 2016

You guys... I just had an entire post written up only for my fingers to slip up and hit the delete button. It was legit on the verge of going live with the click of a button until... UGHHHH. Anyway, let me try to the best of my ability to rewrite and not linger on the past for too long.

This month, the common theme amongst all my favorites tend to be products that will free up time when it comes to glamming up or simplify my life in some form. Also, just noticed a lot of my faves tend to fall into the pink or purple color scheme - how cute!

the september essentials the style boro.jpg

Hair: Terax Daily Reparative Conditioner has become my newest lifesaver. As you know, my hair has gone an underground transformation to it's newest state of almost platinum blonde. This conditioner has turned my brittle dry strands into stronger, softer, shinier tresses with use. It works by depositing Keratin protein only to where the strand is damaged which is a godsend for us fake blonds. Another favorite is Matrix's Miracle Creator. It has 20 beauty benefits such as: smooths cuticles, fights frizz, prevent split ends, and loads other. It's safe to say these two products have earned their spot on my bathroom shelves.

Face: Ever go shopping at an Ulta and just fill up your basket with no real goal in sight except to spend money. Well, that was me a few weeks ago except I discovered this gem of a contour stick so good I decided to store my Anastasia Contour Kit. It's called NYX Wonder Stick - it makes contouring so seamless and the formula is so easy to build + blend. It's become a part of my everyday routine so much so, I can't imagine life without it. The next honorable mention goes to Glossier's Soothing Face Mist. This is the holy grail of face mists! If you need a 411 on why you should include one in your routine check out this post. But in the essence of time know that this works great to soothe sunburns, start off your AM skin layering routine, or set your makeup for the day ahead.

Body: This slot goes to two of my favorite body exfoliators. The first one coming from Completely Bare, a company (and once salon) known for being the best at baring New York residents. I never visited their salon personally but am obsessed with their Bikini Bump Blaster. It's amazing for fighting ingrown hairs and making skin feel oh-so-smooth after a wax. The next comes from Molton Brown (I adore everything from this brand). Their Comforting Body Polishers, particularly in Ylang-Ylang, invigorates my skin with its scent and the tiny grains buff away dead skin while turning the ordinary shower into an oasis. Definitely worth every cent and always at the top of my wishlist when I run out.

Misc: This product isn't for everyone unless you're a dog or a dog lover haha. Dog-owners understand how hard it is to find the perfect tool, treat, or toy that will help keep teeth clean. It's taken me almost nine years but I finally found something that works great on Miles' teeth. It's called Petsmile and has an exclusive Calprox formula that works by attacking plaque caused by bacteria, acid, food, and saliva without using a toothbrush. You can apply it directly to teeth using one of the applicators it comes with or with a toothbrush. Some owners even go as far as spreading the toothpaste on their dog's favorite chew toy or treat. It's safe to use and approved by Veterinary Oral Health Council.

Could not finish this blog post without mentioning the Lookbooker app. The app can be described as the OpenTable for grooming and glamming and works to connect salons to guests. It has honestly made it easier to discover new salons or spas and conveniently book and pay them. I am a repeat offender of using this weekly and love it! If this is your first time hearing of it or if you've always wanted to give you a try use promo code called STYLEBORO for $15 off your first appointment (that’s like a free manicure!).

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