The Dress That Almost Got Away

If you couldn't tell by now... I am living my very best (and very broke) life. Even if I had the opportunity to go back and change something - I wouldn't. This summer has been so filled with extremes and each one so worth it. Including that one week when I fought off starvation with 99 cent ramen packs.


Lucky for you, I think we all have ups and downs so I'm not ashamed to admit any of my struggles with you. We're basically internet fam by now.

Another struggle you might relate to... buying things and then completely forgetting about them. Case in point, this gorgeous dress I got from Pixie Market. It was purchased on a gotta-have-it-right-now shopping spree but when it arrived I never found the perfect moment to wear it out. And before I knew it, Christmas was a week away. Ugh.


I then rediscovered this dress, as I was packing for Tulum and fell in love with it all over again. But as luck would have it, I'd have to wait a few more months to wear this gem due to a pretty bulky cast. If you follow me on SnapChat, you know what I was talking about. (For those of you that don't, find me at TheStyleBoro).

Anyway, it worked itself out in the end and here I am wearing the shit out of this dress. I couldn't find this exact dress anywhere but I did find a pretty close copy here.


Dress: Pixie Market (similar)  Sneakers: Novesta  Purse: Patricia Nash (similar)  Necklace: My Own  Rings: Assorted  BraceletCapwell+Co  Wine Tote: Happy Town Hawaii  LipglossCoral Sands via L'Oreal

Another thing, I've been wearing on repeat. My Novesta sneakers. These unisex canvas goodies are handmade in Slovakia and have been since the 1930s. Most sneakers will always be comfortable (although these are super comfortable) to prance around in but I'm really drawn to the fact these shoes are eco-friendly.

Alright friends, time for me to get some work done.

Photos by Lydia Hudgens.

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