The Linen Pant

You guys, I am absolutely in love with this entire look. As soon as the edited images landed in my inbox, my gut reaction caused me to gasp with excitement. This is the epitome of my summer style neatly packaged up.


Glistening clavicles have been on display in off the shoulder tops. And they assist in getting that sweet subway breeze when it matters most. Cotton wide-leg slacks with pockets so deep that I could go purse-less if provoked. It's a strange freeing feeling for sure. Round out the look with a pair of Stan Smiths (I have many) and you'll have me in my finest form.


I'd be remiss if I didn't divulge into the pants a little bit more. On days that I feel a little more than stressed, I'll randomly find myself in a store - any store will do. On this fateful day, it was Banana Republic. 

There I was, aimlessly wandering the store, running my hands across fabrics and silhouettes. On a whim, I decided to dig a little deeper on one particular rack and pulled out these gorgeous denim slacks. The small details and soft-to-touch feel gave me butterflies.


Dress: (similar)  Pants: Banana Republic (similar)  SneakersAdidas  Clutch: Miu Miu  NecklaceEttika  Rings: Assorted  Bracelet: Kenneth Jay Lane  Sunglasses: The Row
Lipgloss: My Jam via Colourpop

I'm an emotional shopper. Not always good, not always bad. On this particular day, however, the pendulum struck all the way to "very good, buy now". So I did. And every summer look since then has included these pair of slacks.

Photos by Lauren Adriance.

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