The Essentials: August 2016

Sometimes things are so out of your control you just gotta step back and let it pass. That's basically what I did the last three months - wait for it to pass, heal some more, and take care of my pup (who is also healing from an emergency surgery).

Instead of stressing over my blog and lack of posts, I decided to take a hiatus from all things blog-related. Honestly, it was the best thing to do mentally and physically. And yes, I burned so many bridges but I finally feel stable enough. (Which is way better than half-assing my content).

It's been a while and I have so MUCH to tell you!! Let's get started with my monthly faves.


Hair: Last month, I went blonde. Very blonde. Change is good and sometimes necessary after having a few rugged months. No regrets at all. Surprisingly, my curls came out unscathed but they are a little on the dry side more than ever. I've been on the Olaplex diet ever since but have found a pretty close alternative for those weeks I can't afford to splurge. The StriVectin Hair Ultimate Restore Deep Repair Mask is gentle on my colored hair but strong enough to give it vibrancy and increased softness.

Face: Skinn, a skincare line started by an industry veteran, is one of my favorite go-to brands when traveling abroad. I also implement a few of their pieces into my day-to-day as needed. The ones shown in images 7-9 above are my current favorites - especially their Hylighten Under-Eye Treatment. The cool to touch feeling is welcomed during these dog days of summer. Another favorite when it concerns the eyes is the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer. The sponge applicator mimics the BeautyBlender so it's incredibly easy to blend and quickly hides late-night adventures.

Misc: I started my NYC Marathon training last month (crazy - right?) but before that, I wanted to train in a new pair of sneakers. You know, just to see if I should stick with what works or go with something new. I have heard of the Brooks GTS and finally got to test them out at an event. My flat feet were delighted by the support the lightweight sneakers gave. It's been three weeks so far and I haven't looked back.

Another great essential, the Krazy Coupon Lady app. Alright, hear me out because I know this sounds totally random. Ever since my move and the addition of two insane medical bills, I've been pinching pennies however and whenever. The more I pinch, the more I can pay towards the bills, and of course the more can go towards my "summer weekend funds". This is where the Krazy Coupon Lady app comes into play. It's run by a community and a great team of savvy savers and they give ALL of the hacks. I'm talking coupons and loyalty cards cocktails which make for incredible savings.

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