NYC: Let's Eat!

I'll be gorging on delicious BBQ this weekend but that shouldn't stop you from trying scarfing down something just as tasty. Here are a few recos for the weekend:

1. Burger Mexicano

This a relatively new restaurant in my nabe of PLG. So if you ever find yourself in Prospect Park or the Brooklyn Botanical Garden - make this your go-to dining spot for after. The burgers are out of this world and stacked with ingredients that only make perfect sense once you take that first bite. The margaritas (although too pricey for my taste) are so delicious - it only makes sense to order a pitcher. Trust... You will regret not ordering a pitcher once you're on your last sip. I haven't had brunch here yet, but highly recommend the namesake Burger Mexicano (it's a no-brainer).

545 Flatbush Avenue, Prospect Lefferts Garden, BK - get more info here.

2. Forget Me Not

I went here one sweltering day last fall for brunch and never had the chance to include it in a round-up. Probably because I fell into a food coma shortly after my dining experience. I didn't realize how much of a magnet this was for the "hipsters" but at the same time the food is amazing, the bloody mary revived me after my hangover, and the decor was so Instagrammable. Unfortunately, I was too hungover to take any snaps - but did feel blessed to come across and enjoy a banging meal here. If you're not in the mood for a hearty meal, head to their bar for delicious cocktails.

138 Division Street, Chinatown - get more info here.

3. Don Chingon

Ever get so hungry that you can't even think straight and therefore can't make a decision on where to eat... So you end up at Subway. Yea me too. BUT, one day after walking for blocks and blocks while my stomach was eating itself I found myself at Don Chingon. It was pretty empty which made me think it was either pricey or bad, at the same time I could care less. So I plopped down and ordered. What arrived at my table were three fantastic tacos with the most amazing homemade tortilla shells. It was like I was transported back to my aunt's kitchen and of course ordered more tacos. The margaritas were bomb too - I opted for a spicy one to go with my tacos. This spot is a little pricey compared to other Mexican joints but at the same time... The food is so GOOD that it all evens out. And obviously, get the tacos if you go there.

216 Flatbush, Prospect Heights, BK - get more info here.

4. Mission Cantina

So you're probably thinking "what's with you and all this Mexican food?" Girl, I can not help what my tummy lures me to and it's always been a no-fail option. The day I eat horrible Mexican food I'll probably curl up and die. ANYWAYS, Mission Cantina is a spot that is synonymous for having bangin' burritos that are anything but the usual Mexican fare. The chef Danny Bowien is always changing up the menu and experimenting which I love. If you're not into boring head here and try the Burritos (obvi) and the wings.

172 Orchard Street, Lower East Side - get more info here.