Let's Talk Juicing!

Right off the bat, my diet is something I've always struggled with. I'm constantly reaching for sweets or oversalted snacks and neglecting the leafy greens and barely know how to peel a tangerine.

I do get a little better about hydrating when in training mode, but I know I could do better. According to the 80/20 rule, I could actually work out less if I put more effort into eating cleaner. Which, I did none of while in Nashville. No regrets either way.

Since this year is turning out to be a huge one for me I'm going to put more of an effort to eat cleaner, hydrate more, and work out smarter. If you're interested, I could share more of what I'm eating. Until then, I'm keeping track of my meals & water intake with my Fitbit.

After making this commitment it's time to clean the slate which I tend to do by juicing. Now, I'm not the best at juicing and find it extremely hard but mama didn't raise no quitter. 


Now there are tons of Juice companies out there, but I wanted to keep it local and with one that never disappoints when it comes to 100% blended goodness - Jus by Julie. They were kind enough to send out a one-day cleanse to test out. Unfortunately, I lasted about four hours before supplementing my cleanse with lots of steamed veggies.

But here are a few tips to ensure your best cleanse yet:

1. Be Prepared
This means avoiding any fried or processed foods (including alcohol) a few days prior to your cleanse. During this time, you should also be drinking lots of water and getting in quality sleep. By the way, the above is guaranteed to give you glowing skin from the inside out if you make it a lifestyle change.

2. Right Timing
If you want to be successful, make sure the timing is right. A day following vacation or during an intense training period might not be the prime choice. Instead, aim for a day that is low-key and will allow you to focus on the cleanse. Next time I cleanse I'll opt for a Sunday which has always been reserved as my homebody day.

3. Be Easy on Yourself
Just because I didn't complete the cleanse as it was structured out doesn't mean I failed. Look at the positives - I fueled my body with amazing good-for-me ingredients and hydrated along the way. At the same time, I learned a lot about how my body works and figured cleanses are better once a season (for me) and that getting a few key weekly juices (Dr. Green & Açai Blend are my current faves) in works better. And it's super easy to incorporate Jus by Julie into my week with their super easy subscription service or by simply walking into one of their four locations.

What's your take on juicing and are you incorporating it into your lifestyle?

Learn more about these guys at jusbyjulie.com or visit one of their locations here.