Breezy Pieces // #MakeThemCry or Man-Repelling?

Woof. What a weekend.


Let's just say that I will never EVER head straight to the airport after a bar crawl. That was rough. On the positive side, I had all of Sunday to rest up before Monday came a knocking.

I still need time to digest (literally & figuratively) my Nashville trip so stay tuned for a recap and possible video. As for now let's focus on this date night ensemble.


If you remember from this and this post, I think culottes are so flattering on us tall girls. The illusion of curves they give on my athletic build is always a win-win. So when I came across this bare-back top from Tobi I already knew culottes would complement it perfectly.

In case, you're wondering why, it's because working out has shrunk my boobs (if we're being honest) so I needed a pair of pants that emphasized what little curves I had (culottes) and would be able to even out the volume from the top as well (culottes again).

shop-tobi-The Falls High Low Tank Top.jpg

Top: Tobi  Pants: Ann Taylor  Heels: J. Crew  Bracelet: Kendra Scott  Sunglasses: The Row  LipstickRuby via Skinn  Brows: Benefit's Gimme Brows

I got this pair from Ann Taylor (who by the way are killing it this season) and thought all these pieces collectively made for a #MakeThemCry outfit. So here I am before you, wearing it and obviously making them cry. If they don't, I'll report back and update this as a man-repelling outfit instead.

Either way, one thing is true - this outfit makes me feel sexy as hell. Boobs or no boobs.

Photos by Lauren Adriance.