Dermatologist Are Expensive

Edit: This brand is now going by the name of Curology - different name, same great service.

And co-pays. Which is why I've signed up for PocketDerm. After a few months of putting them to the adult acne test I had to share my seamless experience. Let's be honest adult acne is ruthless and stops for no one, so when a product actually works I'm in awe (praise the lord awe).


In case you're wondering what PocketDerm is, it's a subscription based service that sends you a custom prescription based on your skin's needs. Yep, they send you a prescription with unlimited one-on-one consultations with a certified dermatologist for only $19.95 a month. And no, there are no hidden charges and they send you a fresh prescription whenever you run out.

I first found out about this magical service on one of my favorite reddit forums -  skincareaddiction (basically how all of my skincare addictions start). Intrigued, I signed up and went with the acne subscription as opposed to their anti-aging one. After filling out a questionnaire and submitting photos of my problem areas they promptly sent over my first bottle and a few samples of product to go along with my routine. My dermatologist also messaged me a recommended routine for AM & PM.


During the second month I really started to see results on my problem area - the acne was worse on my jawline. Now, the acne has sporadic flare-ups which tend to appear after "stress-outs" but less of it. Marks have also faded and my skin feels & looks smoother. 


All-in-all, this is a service that I will continue to use due to it's accessibility, affordability, and because it plain works. If you're dealing with acne but can't afford a Dermatologist or their prescriptions - I highly recommend you use this service. To get you started with your first month free sign up here.

I finished filming my PM routine for YouTube and hope to share it soon so stay tune!