5 Ways to Travel Cheaply

With a few upcoming trips in the work I decided to compile a few tips on how to travel cheaply. It's true - I am not a baller.


1. Book an Airbnb or Hostel
When my sister and I backpacked through Australia we stayed at different hostels - it was such an awesome experience! We got to meet lots of travelers from around the world and exchanged tidbits of information on where to eat or what to see. The hostels we stayed at weren't dingy but resemble dorms, you could share the room or book a private one. If you feel "too old" for hostels another option would be airbnb or a likeminded company. Both are cheaper options compared to hotels, in fact we booked an airbnb for our stay in Paris this September!

2. Book with a Budget Airline
Yes, they exist! One that comes to top of mind in the states is WOW Airlines with a flight to Iceland from Boston averaging $400. And while you're at it - try not to check in any luggage if there is a fee.

3. Do the Free Walking Tours
Most major cities have walking tours, here and abroad of good samaritans that love sharing their country's history. A great one to check out is Free Tour by Foot - they tend to break them up by theme or neighborhood. 

4. Use Public Transportation
When it comes to the cabs versus public transportation - public transpo will always win. It's significantly cheaper than being chauffeured so aim for this whenever possible. Of course not every city or country is safe so use your judgement when it comes to this.

5. Check the Web for Reviews & Discounts
I google everything and because of that I tend to find really great deals. Here's a tip whatever place, restaurant, etc. you google make sure to add an "discount" or "deal" at the end to help filter through the search results. Another thing is to read up on the local blogs and see if those bloggers have recommendations on what you can do for cheap (or free). Last thing, if you haven't already sign up for tripadvisor.com - this website lets you read reviews, compare prices, and gives you full access to a forum were likeminded travelers can discuss nearly anything! It's pretty amazing and has been a key tool for me when it comes to planning out an itinerary.

Do you travel cheaply? Share your bits of advice down below!