NYC: Weekend Plans

A few amazing things to include in your weekend plans before the summer season ends.

1. Hamilton's Soda Fountain & Luncheonette

I've heard, seen, and tasted so many great things from this historical luncheonette. The whole place is kind of like a time warp taking any that dare enter to a more simpler times. The interior is basically every fashion blogger & Instagrammers' dream - everything is so white and retro. If you somehow resist the urge to capture a snap make sure to order a fizzy drink or a milkshake. I like to drop in on less-than-stellar days and treat myself to happiness in a glass - it's cheaper than therapy ;).

51 Bank Street, Greenwich Village - get more info here.


2. Frida Kahlo Exhibit @ New York Botanical Garden

I have not yet been to this exhibit and it's driving me bonkers. However, it's on the must-do list and will definitely get accomplished before it's over. For those like-minded fans visiting or in NYC, we have until November 1st to view her reimagined garden and a dozen of her paintings. Getting to view an artist's surrounding (even if it's a replication) is one of the best ways to learn more about what goes on beyond the canvas. Also, I'm excited to learn more about my culture as half-Mexicana.

2900 Southern Boulevard, Bronx - get more info here.

3. Baohaus

OK, so I totally added this eatery to my must-eats after viewing it on the Layover. I have passed by Baohaus millions upon millions of times and have never once pondered the thought of venturing inside. You guys, if I could I would go back in time and stop "past Aileen" in her tracks and demand she order the Birdhaus Bao & Taro Fries (please note the delicious things you should order) I would. Instead, I cry myself to sleep at all the missed opportunities of Birdhaus Baos. Don't let this become you! If you walk/drive/fly by Baohaus, just stop, take a break and eat there. Avoid my misery.

238 East 14th Street, Stuy Town - get more info here.