Summer Into Fall Fitness Favorites

It's been a pretty long time (more than a year to be exact) since I rounded up my favorites when it comes to the fitness department. So what better time than the present to tally up what's been working for me throughout summer and will continue to make workout class a breeze come fall.


Before we get into the nitty-gritty let's get the gunk off our face and prevent clogged pores. I'm going to admit I've been trying A LOT of different face wipes but these from Dickinson's keeps my skin calm during breakouts or after an intense class. I've been doing a Retina-A treatment for my acne and this has reduced flare-ups for me which my skin appreciates.

At the top of my list were a few standout pieces from Lucy. I've ran multiple races (including the Brooklyn Half), sweated through bikram, and improved my bicep curls - all with pieces from this line. I've never worried about leggings being see-through or fabrics not wicking my sweat fast enough, instead I've been impressed with the fit and technology behind Lucy. If you're looking to start building out your fitness gear I highly recommend you start here even if you start small.
shown above: Hatha Shorts, Capri Leggings, Long Sleeve T, Strong is Beautiful Tank

To make sure my activewear lasts but without the funky smell I've been using Febreze In Wash Odor Eliminator. It really gets rid of the stink so confident enough to wear my clothes without a sniff check. In case you're wondering, my tops and bras get washed after every sweaty session. For pants, they can last about two wears (or two semi-sweaty classes) before needing a good Febreze Wash. The scent isn't overpowering either which I like.

What goes on my feet is equally important. As an active runner I tend to change my shoes every 6 months or if they start to give out. I've tried quite a few different brands and styles but Saucony's Guide are a repeat offender. The sneakers have enough bounce and arch support for my very flat feet. Let's not forget socks! They need love too. These from Bombas keep my feet blister free mile after mile. I don't feel too bad about keeping my sock drawer filled with these guys either; for every pair bought there's a pair donated.

Lastly, Sha-Glam is my go-to after my long runs & HIIT classes. It's really important to stretch and repair our muscles and this protein shake makes it really easy to do that. Now I need to get better about stretching. The drink is diary-free, soy-free, gluten-free and every single ingredient is GMO-free. It's not vegan but if you're looking for a vegan option I highly suggest DailyBurn.

Have any fall fitness faves or accomplishments you want to share? Let me know about it in the comments!