Five Friday Favorites

What a whirlwind of a month. Decided to end this month with a few favorites that really stood out to me.


1. Pure Ice 'Butterfly Effects'
I absolutely love treating myself to a weekly mani, at the same time an at-home treatment is pretty bomb too. Me time is the best time. I went to an event earlier this month to learn about Pure Ice's Butterfly Effects Collection and absolutely love the new iridescent shades - great for summer or applying as a top coat. The price is also very hard to beat at $2 a bottle.

2. Governor's Ball
I gave up Coachella to save up for a few trips, but I certainly will not give up GovBall. This music festival is basically in my backyard and has an amazing line-up (read: Drake - the only thing that matters). The only real problem standing in my way is rain - dear rain gods, please hold off!

Sunscreen and I are besties, even in the dead of winter it's something I constantly slather on. So when summer rolls around and it's time to pull out those bikinis I'm always the first out of my friends to hit up every spray-tan groupon deal and try every sunless tanner available in NYC. I absolutely love looking tanned but without the sun damage. Recently I came across SVELTA All-in-One Tanner and had to give it a test drive since it's 100% vegan and contains only natural + good-for-you ingredients. One thing I loved was it subtle shimmer and left no embarrassing orange streaks.

4. Beautiful Textures Rapid Repair Deep Conditioner
I'm really not a huge fan of curly hair products smelling too fruity (like a tropical cocktail) but if the product really works, then I can definitely give the scent factor a pass. This past training season my curls were suffering from the intense sweat sessions and then obligatory shower sessions. They were looking extremely brittle and meh, then I used this deep conditioner once - simply to test the waters - and I could feel the difference after one use. Not a huge difference but they were noticeably softer. I upped that to to twice a week and curls were definitely looking revived and full of life again. The price point and amount given in the container were also nice factors.

5. Quilted Koala Joyful Collection
Makeup Bags that can contain all of my new Asian skincare obsessions (I'll have to do a youtube video on that!!) are giving me life after AM workout classes. I've been using this one from Quilted Koala to help stick to my AM skincare regimen and it's the perfect size for my small bottles of goodness, makeup, and creams. I'll definitely be using their a few of their bags for travel when the moment presents itself.

Got any favorites I should know about?! Let me know in the comments :).