Quick Strides

Less than a week away from New York’s annual marathon and the city is buzzing with excitement. Close to 50,000 people head into Staten Island and collectively run together over the Verranzo bridge where they let their strides take them into Brooklyn, Queens, the Boogie Down Bronx, and finally Manhattan. And it’s not only top athletes who take on the 26.2 miles but people with heart who have demonstrated their commitment week after week to get out there and run.


Every year, you’ll find me on the sidelines cheering on those that are giving it all because, well… It’s so f-ing inspiring. And next year it’ll be my turn to dash from one borough to the next. I’m so pumped and insanely nervous at the same time.

Instead of focusing on my nerves it’s better to go day by day and remember what triggered my elation for those quick swift strides. And you know, share what I learned with y’all.


If we were to take it from the start, one of the things that really got me into running was how strong I felt after each run and amazement at how far my body could take me with the bare minimum. Not only that, but it made me feel normal enough to get off my prescribed medication for good (for those that don’t know I was diagnosed with PTSD & anxiety – not a lot of fun). And so, whenever I felt a little out of sync, I ran.

If you want to experience that runner's high – I say, try it! You’ll never know until you do.


Classpassers (sign up here for $25 off your first month), a few studios that I found to help with my runs were: Mile High Run Club + Barry’s Bootcamp (go faster with their speed runs), Y7 & Tangerine Hot Power Yoga (stretch out those muscles), and Absolution + Flex (a strong core is everything).

A few must-haves + tips I recommend for those wanting to dive right in:

- Get fitted for running sneakers. Your sneakers can make or break your stride so I highly recommend getting fitted. Don’t go for what’s popular but what works best for you!

- Do wear workout gear that makes you feel confident. If you’re a busy bee like me, then look into activewear that can take you from studio to street or vice versa. I’m a huge fan of Lucy Activewear for that sole reason. Plus, their clothes are super flattering, material is amazing, and made for the woman’s body in motion. I started out with one piece their Hatha leggings and quickly added a few more pieces each season as a treat for sticking to my workouts.


- Nutrition + hydration are super important. On race weeks (or when I’m really putting in the work) I up the protein intake with a few of my favorite shakes. Although I dabble with Sha-Glam and DailyBurn’s FUEL 6, I find myself reaching for Vega Sport. It’s still a plant-based nutritional meal but what I really love is how it divvy ups it’s product based on what stage you are in your training; Prepare, Sustain, Recover. Essentially helps fuel you better. I use their pre-workout energizer before runs and then their performance protein after (if I went really hard). If you’re looking to add this to your nutritional plan, take the quiz on their site to get started. While you’re at – pick up a Blender Bottle for protein shakes on the go! When it comes to hydration, you'll always find me with a bobble water bottle in my hand. It keeps cold liquids cold and hot liquids hot.


Top: Lucy  SweaterLucy  Leggings: Lucy  Sneakers: Adidas  LipglossGlacé via BITE

Give these recommendations a go and let me know how it goes during your next sweat sesh And remember, all that matters is that you put one foot in front of the other when you run.

P.s. I took these photos before heading to yoga, hence my casual sneakers. Don't run in casual sneakers - they will kill your knees.

Photos by Victor Cerejo.

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