The Fourth Wall

Last time we touched based I was running around NYC with my head cut off. If we’re being completely honest – not much has changed.


On top of that, The SO and I are figuring out whether we should renew or find someplace new – so everything, and I mean everything is up in the air. Why is NYC so expensive? And why is there this sudden need to move? (Quickly runs & cries in a corner after viewing a Craigslist rental ad).

It’s an unsettling feeling, not knowing where you’re going to live or if there’s even enough money to relocate. I’ve spent a lot of my childhood moving from one apartment to the next, and never really felt like I had an actual home. So, it kind of sucks that for the first time in my life I feel at “home”, not to mention the amount of time and money spent on creating our special atmosphere. And yes, I'm not at all for the move but relationships are about compromise... Right?

Since we don’t really know our next steps on where to live, I’ve been hauling ass to Beacon’s Closet and listing new things on Poshmark whenever time allows. It’s been a couple of stressful weeks, which left me feeling blah-ish and withdrawn. It makes me wish I was still vacationing near the Mediterranean Sea. You know happier carefree moments.

Instead of dwelling on all these woe-is-me feelings (which can eat you alive if you let it) I’m flipping the switch. I’m going to do a few things that make me feel amazing (long runs, Classpass, hangouts with friends) and of course, keep my head up. Things always work out in the end – and if it’s not working out then it’s not necessarily the end.