How To Wear Sweatpants to Work

On Thursdays (and a few other days that end in ‘y’) I reach for the ultimate lounge pants - sweatpants. Yas girl, we lounging today.


Even though there’s no lounging taking place at work, wearing sweatpants anywhere is pretty much THE best. For reference, I sit all day so avoiding that irritating red mark around my waist (maybe I should be pantless?) is kind of key. The only problem I can find (and it’s a pretty big one) is that sweatpants are a huge office no-no. Unless… it’s worn right.


I’ve been wearing this Lucy pair particularly to my AM Classpasses and found a loophole that benefits us all.  Plus, the fewer things I carry on my commute the less hate and shade I’ll get from other straphangers. (This shirt tends to get a few side-eye rolls but I gotta share the PSA).


There’s enough slouch in these pants that I can wear my Hatha shorts (underneath) on the way to class, remove these, and then wear (and relax in) the sweats all day after.

If you’re curious, it’s all in the footwear and fabric of what you choose to wear after the sweat session.

The polyester material in the pants has a nice sheen that makes them a bit more grown up for the office (keep that in mind when shopping). I also switch out my sneakers (when worn) to a cute pair of heels or booties and wear a white button-down top. This top is my fave since it doesn't wrinkle when packed.


Shirt: Ann Taylor  Active Top: Lucy  Pants: Lucy  Necklace: Old (love this tho!)  Heels: Old (similar)  Backpack: Tumi  Lipgloss: Juicy Apple via TonyMoly

I love black & white but it can feel a little school-uniformish, so I went with these blue suede shoes (my tried & true favorite). And of course, a little bit of bling.

Also, if you have not tried the Y7 yoga studios around NYC/LA, you should (on Classpass of course). I’ve been hitting their space weekly and it’s such an awesome way to start the day.

Photos by Lydia Hudgens.

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