City Slicker

Honesty hour: I absolutely do not wear heels during my rush hour commutes. 

But really, who does in New York City? 

If you're able to handle a rickety train during rush hour in 5 inch heels, more power to ya. 

You would think a girl born and bred here would be able to master that by now - NOPE. Instead I mastered the art of balance sans subway poles. Not complaining because it does come in pretty handy during flu season and every season.

Since the hour hasn't passed, I will mention a few more truths.

Recently, I've been cleaning out my closet and haven't touched my undies - ignored it basically. With a past that includes lingerie shop girl at Bloomies, one would expect better. Normally I get Calvins, so got a few fresh necessities from them but also wanted to try something new (i.e. great fit). 

Lo and behold, Third Love was able to customize a bra to my exact fit. For those of you in need of a fitting, consider their phone app which will act as your personal fitter. Remember, a great fit can save your back and posture. It goes without saying the fabric and make is way better than a few of its contemporaries too - my boobs can attest to it.

Last truths, to hide my tired (or burned by Peroxiclear solution) eyes I heavily rely on sunglasses. Don't we all? 

Once indoors all bets and sunglasses are off. I recently discovered Besamé's brightening violet powder; it does wonder for the designer bags hidden underneath my eyes. Not only that, it sops up all the oil on my skin (handy for shoots like this) and looking semi-presentable for last minute meetings.

Coat: H&M (similar here)  Striped Shirt: J. Crew  Pants: Old (similar style)  Necklace: Marc Jacobs (similar)  Watch: RumbaTime  Purse: Rebecca Minkoff  Sunglasses: Ray-Ban  Sneakers: Nike  Heels: Jessica Simpson  Lipgloss: c/o NARS - Priscilla  Face Powder: c/o Besamé Brightening Violet Powder

If your curious to see my Q train lewk, well here it is. These Theas are heavy on the comfort and dope factor.

Photos by Lydia Hudgens.

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