Waiting on April Showers

Let's take a 180 degree turn and get in tune with my preppier side. As in prep-for-rain side :).

In preparation for the rainy season, I gave up a pair of barely worn rain boots to someone that truly needed them.

Let me explain by starting at the beginning.

A few weeks ago I was sorting through my boots and realized I've worn my rain boots twice since 2015. TWICE. Because fashion moves so quickly this particular style of rain boot couldn't be sold and honestly I've worn them in the mud - wouldn't be right to sell them after a muddy experience. 

Instead I listed them on Craigslist for free and found someone who was super gracious for the freebies. It felt so good to give someone something they couldn't afford but needed. So, I listed a few more free items on there.

Rain Jacket: J. Crew  Shirt: Madewell  Jeans: Lucky Brand  Necklace: baublebar (old similar here)  Rings: Zoetik  Watch: RumbaTime  Purse: c/o Patricia Nash  Shoes: c/o Bearpaw  Lipgloss: c/o NARS - Priscilla

And with the additional space (and sticking with my one-out one-in rule) I went ahead and got something I will genuinely use. Like this gorgeous mint rain coat

You're probably wondering, what about rain boots or keeping your feet dry? Luckily a few of my boots are already weather-proof so until I desperately need a pair I'm probably going to pass for now.

Photos by Lydia Hudgens.

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