Training for the BK Half

In less than ten weeks, I'll be running my first Brooklyn Half! I've heard such great things about this fun (yes, fun) and flat race - I seriously can not wait.

What's getting me so pumped is training in decent weather, compared to those brutal wintery months (during the polar vortex no less) the NYC Half calls for. It's going to be a walk run in the park.

Being that this isn't my first rodeo and a few of you have asked about my training, I decided to lay-out my entire plan. I've already started back on the 8th of March and have a few hundred more miles ahead until race day.

As with any training or start of a new exercise routine, make sure you get the go ahead from your physician. AND, listen to your body throughout this or any training plan you decide to go through with. Running is tough on every part of your body, so if you need to slow it down - slow it down.

 Shoes are also an important part of this equation; make sure they cushion your feet all the way to your knees. Any runner's store can help you select the perfect pair. For me, I never run in anything else but my Saucony's Guide 7 - they just complement my stride.

Last but not least, this is my running plan adjusted to fit my lifestyle and endurance. If you need to make modifications, by all means do it and power through!

Here are a few handy articles to help you understand a few key training measures:

- Learn more about cross training here. My cross training involves a spin, pilates, or yoga class.

- This video explains what and how to do a fartlek and shows an example.

- Read about tempo runs and how to do them here.

- If you rather do a regular run instead of fartleks or tempo runs, go for it but try and include some hilly terrain to help with training.

Not running the BK Half? This plan can pretty much work with any Half as long as you start ten weeks out. I always refer to it when gearing for any Half actually :).

If you're an ultimate beginner backtrack a little bit: go for 30 minute jogs until you can progress to 30 minute runs, when you're able to do a solid three miles then proceed with a version of my running plan. Remember small  steps make for big strides later on.

Until race day gets here catch me on the run at @thestyleboro or search for me with this hashtag #aileenrunsnyc.

Feel free to email me with any questions and don't forget to stretch after running!!

All photos via @NikeWomen.