Apartment Life | Blue Apron

Cooking in a NYC apartment usually comes in at a strong second to Seamless. There are moments when I decide to give cooking a go but ultimately those moments are few and far in between.

Then I saw these Blue Apron ads all over the subways and had to give it a try.

No harm, no foul right?

And you guys, there wasn't any foul done at all! Instead it made my life a million times easier (and affordable) when it came to dinner time. Plus, no grocery store visits were needed (hell YES).

From the start, it's pretty much fool-proof. After setting up an account you get to choose your week's recipe and customize it to your needs! I thought that was pretty convenient, especially the delivery options.

I had the box delivered to my office (packages tend to disappear from my apartment) and didn't have to worry about the food spoiling. Each box is refrigerated to make sure the ingredients are fresh #winwin.

Here's a peak at the amazing recipes included in my box. My mouth is basically salivating just thinking about it.

I started the week with the Three-Cheese Cannelloni. It came with fresh pasta sheets and lots of cheese. I LIVE for cheese.

One of the things that deters me from any homestyle cooking is the prep. All that chopping, cutting, and dirty-dish making - no thanks. With Blue Apron, almost none of that happened or were kept to a bare minimum. The majority of their fresh ingredients were already prepped and made me a much happier person. 

Also, how cute is the packaging?

Mmm, butternut squash and kale filling. Prior to this I have never cooked with butternut squash - kind of embarrassing right?

The end result was scrumptious cannelloni that were happily devoured by me and the boyfriend. For once we were so excited pasta, mainly because it wasn't the standard spaghetti and mystery sauce when we're at our wits end.

My overall thoughts, Blue Apron is certainly an option for those who want to save time and has the flexibility for almost any #GirlBoss. If we want to get specific, each meal takes around thirty-five minutes - a lot faster than selecting a meal (off Seamless) + waiting for its delivery.

Blue Apron isn't a New York thing either, it's available Nationwide. To get you started, Blue Apron is offering my readers two free meals on the house! Redeem the promotion by clicking here.

Learn more: www.blueapron.com

Blue Apron provided my first box for free for an honest review. Each box after was paid for. All opinions expressed are my solely my own.