Five Friday Favorites

The weekend could not come soon enough! My plans will of course involve sleep, great food, and inhaling the last season of Breaking Bad. Honestly though, who am I kidding - that's every weekend ;).

Before disconnecting here are a few things I came across you may enjoy too:

1. I came across this article about rethinking money as a tool and it completely changed my POV on how to budget, save, and spend. It also gave me the kick to restart my Mint account (it's an amazing money managing tool!!) for a more successful financial future. 

2. Had to renew my library card recently and picked up The Best of Everything by Rona Jaffe. It's an amazing novel following five young women working in New York City during the late 50s. This page turner literally has me looking forward to my rush hour commute aka reading time.

3. ICYMI, I'm training for the Brooklyn Half this year and attempting to complete my requirements for the 2016 NYC Marathon. All this training means a higher intake of protein and found that RAP Protein Gummies provided a seamless way for me to do so.

4. My strong aversion to ashy skin (damn the winter) has led me to some amazing finds that turn my skin into luscious goodness. For instance, the entire Karelen line of body butters, dry oils, and hand & body creme have been nourishing my dry skin and will continue to do so. I love the product so much I'm planning a giveaway come April - stay tuned to my Instagram (@thestyleboro) for the flash sweepstakes!

5. Tall girls rejoice! I came across this wonderful site made specifically for our long limbs and the clothes are so stylish and chic (!!). It's not easy being tall and having to settle for high-water pants so I'm really glad to shop Long Tall Sally without that worry.

Happy Friday!