#LoveYourCurls with Dove Quench

This week, I want all you curly-haired ladies try something new. 

I want you to Love Your Curls. Just for a week, instead of complaining about frizzy hair or running into the nearest Drybar to disguise our ringlets - give your hair a chance to be. It might be hard, when long luscious straight hair is advertised everywhere we go but hopefully this amazing #LoveYourCurls line and wonderfully touching video can change that. In fact, Dove and Walmart are asking for your #LoveYourCurl story to help inspire the next generation to do the same (you can even win a Dove Quench prize pack). You can do that here.

If you've been keeping up with me for a while, you'll know my backstory. For those of you joining in, I'll be the first to admit that it took a very long time to love my curls. As a child, I was ridiculed for having curly hair and often ran home crying. Chia Pets were being heavily advertised during those formative years - which didn't make life any easier. Every day I would beg and plead with my mom for a trip to the fancy salon.

The few times she did I'd make sure my blow out lasted f o r e v e r. 

All of this changed after getting noticed and scouted for, essentially my hair. Crazy how life works.

It took a lot of self-love and beauty trials to finally settle into my roots. But once, I got my curly system down it's pretty much about accepting and loving who I was. Throughout all the drama I learned that my hair is gorgeous just the way it is (even on the bad days). If you find yourself hating yourself over hair follicles do me a favor and stop.

Trust, you are beautiful. Natural is beautiful. And we are all beautiful.

Dove and Walmart were awesome enough to let me try out the new Quench line and it definitely lives up to the name. The full Dove Quench Absolute collection includes Ultra Nourishing Shampoo, Ultra Nourishing Conditioner, Intensive Restoration Mask, and the Supreme Creme Serum. The products didn't weigh down my curls at all and gave them a softer feel (no crunchy curls here). For days when more curl hydration was needed, I'd leave the mask on for a few minutes longer (i.e. frizz be gone). As you can see in the photos above, the line left my curls looking more defined and softer (#winwin) and loving my curls even more.

Like what you see? Learn more about Dove Quench and share your #LoveYourCurls story here.

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Photos by Victor Cerejo.

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