Finding Confidence + Strength

A few months ago I ran into an good childhood friend, or better said I made an appointment to see my physical therapist. Eek! That's right ladies, not even I am immune to desk injuries - yes, you read that correctly. Turns out having a weak core and spending the majority of a week behind a desktop can wreck havoc on your body. Of course I could've prevented this. Live and learn right?

Well if you remember this post, then you already know that 2015 is all about treating myself right and getting stronger. In particular, getting my core strong enough to prevent another injury while training for my half marathon (and apparently working desk-side).

My physical therapist recommended pilates and out yoga classes for this. And, to be honest I'd do it all if it weren't for the insane per class rate.

Then I heard about Classpass... You guys, it's life-changing. 

Classpass is a network of boutique fitness classes and by becoming a member you're able to take unlimited classes (three from the same studio). The range and variety of classes is fantastic, there's almost a 100% guarantee you'll come across something you'll fall in love. Every week I find myself trying something new, different, and growing stronger. Luckily for me I was able to do a trial period, and you guys, after falling in love with the process I stayed on as a monthly member. Don't worry, this isn't limited to NYC - Classpass is rapidly expanding and probably headed to a city near you. The only con I can think of is the hefty cancellation fee of $20 if you're unable to cancel prior to 24 hours. 

All images via  Nike Women

All images via Nike Women

Mixing up my routine and challenging myself in new ways outside of running has definitely left me feeling beyond fit and more confident. For instance, wearing this on the internet and feeling no regrets. Ahh, the power of sweat my friends.

As for the core-centric classes I'll definitely recommend for those of you in NYC:

Kettlebell Kickboxing

- This kickboxing class is geared towards women and taught in a martial arts studio (pretty cool). The workout is intense, but the instructor is attentive and push you (in a good way) to reach your fitness goals.

R.U.S.H. Total Body Training

- WHOA, take a few of these classes a month and you'll basically have six-pack before summer rears her head! The guys that run this space are attentive and will show modifications if the exercises are a bit too much. Classes are small which is always great.

BFX Barre

- I've never been a fan of Barre because well it's tough. Then I took a class here and loved the all-over body training + studio space. I've definitely become a regular and enjoy sweating it out.

Bikram Yoga SoHo

- My favorite Bikram studio out of all of Manhattan. The classes for once don't feel overcrowded, the space is clean, and the heated room is close to odorless. They even started a 60 minute session for those looking for a quicker practice.


- Have yet to try, but heard amazing things about the small and attentive classes. Will follow up with a review soon!

For all of these classes you'll definitely feel sore after! If these monthly fitness check-ins are helpful, let me know and I'll be sure to do them consistently going forward. Learn more about Classpass here.