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Curly hair is gorgeous, but it's also a lot of work. Any lady with a head full of ringlets can attest to that!

Sometimes, I think about how easy life would be, scratch that, how much time I would save if my hair was straight. Can you imagine me with straight hair? Weird, right. Thankfully, more than ever, companies are starting to recognize (they betta recognize) that we curly headed ladies are out here and willing to try anything that makes our lives easier and glamorous. 

Over the next few months, you'll be pleased to see a few honest reviews on what works and doesn't work. I have quite the haul and am ready to put all these brands to the test. This month, Living proof is up to bat with their latest Curl line which has been perfected in their labs for the past seven years.

Their end goal was to invent a solution to provide a manageable routine and longer-lasting results (yasss). Their entire line is powered by their Extended Curl Memory technology which is a powerful, exclusive formula of their patented Healthy Hair Molecule (OFPMA), optimized emollient and polymer blend, and time-released marine extracts. If you like to learn more about the science behind the line watch their videos here.

Now the breakdown on the line and my opinions:

Curl Conditioning Wash

- Think of it as a shampoo for curly hair but without the sulphate and suds. This wash provides the perfect balance of cleansing and conditioning in one bottle. After using, I noticed my hair felt more hydrated, softer and manageable. A little goes a long way and my scalp didn't feel tight - a good sign during the winter season.

Curl Detangling Rinse

- A little tricky to use in the beginning since I avoid water when detangling, so my first sessions with this ended up causing more tangles (D'oh). After brain-farting and reading the directions carefully I realized water is my friend and had an easier time detangling curls with my fingers. The formula feels like gel and helps in defining curls.

Curl Defining Styling Cream

- Other than the co-wash, this is my favorite product from the line. My curls were slept, sweated, and weathered in and still looked great throughout the week. Frizz was minimal and ringlets were pretty close to perfection. My only issue is that product was hard to get out of the bottle.

Curl Enhancing Styling Mousse

-  It's been a while since I used mousse out of a can. Generally, mousse makes my hair feel as crunchy as a Cheeto but I said "what the heck" and gave it a try. This mousse added no crunch to my curls which was shockingly awesome. It also gave a stronger hold to help maintain curls. I foresee this being a great product during the summer when we're battling humidity and frizz at the same time.

Overall, I love the line and appreciate the time and effort Living proof put into creating something to make our lives easier and beauty probs non-existent. If the price is a little much, I suggest trying their travel kit (includes all of the products minus the mousse) before getting a full size product.

Learn more about Living proof here

*This is not a sponsored post. Product was gifted but all honest opinions are my own and always will be.*

Photos by Lydia Hudgens.

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