The Purge

Before spring arrives and stores stock up on our new favorites it's time we do a little work on the backend, our closets.

Last time we spoke closets, I mentioned how I'm about this <---> close to ending up on Hoarding: Buried Alive. Not a good look to be honest, so it's time for a good old fashioned purge. Grab your pens and papers (maybe a full glass of wine) and let's get started before our closets overtake us.

I am one hundred percent guilty of holding onto jeans a few sizes too small and shoes with holes in the soles. Why can't I let it go and move on? Well, the answer is simple - I paid for them or its memorable. Am I the only one holding onto t-shirts worn to life-changing concerts. At some point, probably after realizing my entire living room doubles for a closet, I tuned into real life and said - I have too many clothes. #FirstWorldProblem.

Spending my life devoted to too much laundry because of too many clothes problem is not how I foresee my 28th year of life. Nope, it's far from it actually. Instead I rather focus on making my closet more manageable and investing in quality pieces. After the great purge, I hope to learn exactly what is missing from my wardrobe (i.e. blazer for work functions) and creating the space to add it. We all know how crucial space in an overcrowded city can be - sometimes it'll make or break your sanity.

You're probably wondering how I'm going to kick some closet-purging-ass; the key my friend is to divide and conquer. 

the game plan

- Schedule time into your calendar to do this in one sweep, or over the course of a week depending on what works best for your situation. 

- Purge in categories, it'll be easier to tackle the purge this way. Meaning, go over your shoes first, then dresses, etc. - you get the point. 

- When purging, remember to divide clothes into piles:

Yes, you wear them pile
Maybe, still on the fence pile
Toss it pile (I'll break this down further later on) 
Store it for next season pile
Needs to get fixed pile

*Remember be honest and realistic when sorting through your clothes

- Your YES Pile | things you absolutely love and wear

These items can go back in your closet. I organize things by category, but if you have the room or patience to color-coordinate go for it! Feel free to use your Pinspiration. Also, organizing closet space is the perfect excuse for a Container Store trip.

- Your Maybe Pile | decisions, decisions

You're not entirely sure whether you're ready to let these go, or let them stay - I feel you. Best way to make a decision, or at least what I do, is store them in a suitcase for a month. If I find myself reaching for them, they get put back into rotation. But, if the month flies by without missing them, then it's sayonara!

- Your Toss Pile | donate, trash, sell

This pile consists of things that don't fit, haven't been worn in months/years, have lost their shape/color, are damaged - basically things that don't flatter you. Ain't nobody got time for unflattering things. These pieces have got to go and there's three ways on how, but keep in mind the amount of time it'll take for either action. 

For pieces that have been gently worn, are of good quality, and currently trending - try your luck at a few resell shops and websites. Here's a small list of online resellers to get you started: PoshmarkBib+TuckThred Up, and Twice.

Pieces that aren't trending or had their share of wear, donate. 

Things that have been worn into the ground or stained - trash it or donate to a textile recycling plant.

Remember, once you commit to either action make sure you stick with it and get it out of your place - sometimes easier said than done.

- Your Store It Pile | save it for next season

These pieces are part of your yes pile but are out of season. Whether it be under your bed, couch, or garage and store those booty shorts and crop tops until it's the summer rays are out to play.

- Your Fix-It Pile | Are you really going to fix it?

No, but seriously, will you make sure that shirt gets a fresh button or those blue jeans get hemmed? Soonish? If the answer is yes, then keep it and make sure it gets done. Otherwise, it might be wise to toss this piece and get a replacement. 

Hopefully my plan can be of some guidance for you or a friend. For those of you with amazing strategies on closet clean-outs, please share!! Undertaking a project this big can be overwhelming, not to mention time-consuming so make the commitment, stick with it, and if possible invite a friend over to help. 

** As noted by Amanda below, these purging rules don't apply to special occasion clothes, but keep in mind - if they don't fit it might be time for them to go. Thanks for input Amanda!