Five Friday Favorites

Flying to Orlando for a quick getaway, but for those of you still stuck at work (I feel you boo) here are fun + inspiring things you may enjoy! 

1. This post from Victoria McGinley hit the nail on the head when it comes to real life versus perceived life, i.e. Instagram. SO MANY preach emojis after I read that!

2. Trying to find your zen for 2015? Me too, hence this piece this written piece for Classpass on putting myself first. 

3. Downgrading my closet slowly but surely and am finding great inspiration from Un-Fancy. Almost gives me the courage to attempt a capsule collection... Almost. Baby steps, guys.

4. Found another great nail paint that's 3-free (i.e. bad chemicals we shouldn't be using) and the perfect color for any aquarius. The brand is called adorn nails and you should check them out!

5. Cliffton Dry bubbly is replacing my usual Fri-YAY lager and for good reason. By using a process that's akin to sparkling wine than traditional cider, the end product is light, golden, and refreshing. If you're in the tri-state area, get yourself a bottle or two.

Cheers to the weekend!!