On 2015

Every year I make this crazy-long list of resolutions that ends up falling flat a few weeks in. I’m not entirely focused on a lean body or more funds in the checking account, although both would be nice. Instead, I’m going to focus on a few aspirations that will in the end leave me feeling sane, healthy and amazing about where my life is going to take me, after all I am in the driver’s seat.

Twenty-fifteen is going to about finding peace + strength within my mind and body, decluttering my little apartment + closet so the boyfriend and I can breathe easier, exploring more corners of the earth and unleashing my creative soul just a tad more. With these aspirations leading the way for the year, it’s going to change me and the blog for the better.

Now we all know the dream is free, but the hustle is sold separately. And hustle hard I shall:

Find Peace + Strength

Listen to my body

Treat myself right (eat right + sweat right)


Declutter My Apartment + Closet

Spend less, save more

Get organized + stop hoarding (being honest here)

Create a home to cherish

Explore the World

Local, domestic or international - just go

Unleash My Creativity

Connect with curiosity

Go outside my comfort zone

Read + write more

Simply said, I’m going to live a more balanced life by cutting out (not adding to it) any unnecessary noise. It’ll make working on my life-long goals easier and my self-expectations more realistic. And if I focus on keeping myself healthy, balanced and sane - it might be the first time I’ll have a very happy outcome. 

Dear 2015, I’m going to make you my year of YASSSSS (aka SUCCESS).

Photo by Lydia Hudgens.