The Wolfpack: October Update

WHOA, time is just flying on by and the days that are super nice are the days I'm chained to my desk. It's kind of sad how many fun things I've missed out on because I'm stuck in the work grind and how pooped I am on the weekends. Once Friday rolls around, I'm so pumped to sleep in and catch up on the latest Walking Dead episodes. I'm going to make more of an effort to do more (wolfpack) things come November and possibly - gasp - take a few personal days to you know... Enjoy life more. To be honest, what's the point of working so hard if I can't relish in the little moments. 

8. Dumbo Arts Festival

9. Do it up during CMJ

11. Pick some apples upstate

14. Have an epic Halloween in an epic costume

18. Fright Fest @ Six Flags (Sorry too many beers for this one hehehe).

26. Oktoberfest, another reason to drink good beer :)

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Anything fun you've done this season? Tell me about it in the comments!