Wolfpack: The Red Fox Emerges

Having a wolfpack is way too much fun to contain to one season. In fact this summer's wolfpack list became the go-to when the pack and I were stuck in a rut. SO, I return with a shorter, but still fun, list of things one can do in NYC when the foliage starts to change to orange hues. Remember, there are no fees to join the pack.

1. Row a boat inside Central Park (let's try this one more time)

2. Tour the Brooklyn Brewery

3. Go away somewhere

4. Go on a city tour/cruise boat

5. Watch Interpol live and relive high school

6. Go to a drive-in theater 

7. Museum Mile + visit as many museums as possible (including the Whitney)

8. Dumbo Arts Festival

9. Do it up during CMJ

10. Ice skate the night away

11. Pick some apples upstate

12. Cheer on the NYC Marathon Runners

13. Have weekend getaway in a yurt

14. Have an epic Halloween in an epic costume

15. Watch the Gotham Girls roller derby crew kick butt

16. More bike rides through the hoods is a given, especially the scenic ones

17. Travel to the Catskills (points for staying in a retro trailer)

18. Fright Fest @ Six Flags

19. Learn to swim (??)

20. Skate/Long board in Riverside Park

21. Go to Spa Castle for needed R&R after completing this list

22. See a Broadway Show 

23. Watch a flick at the New York Film Festival

24. Have a game of ultimate Frisbee

25. Check out Storm King

26. Oktoberfest, another reason to drink good beer :)

Now, I don't feel so bad about summer ending. Well here's to completing the Red Fox list!! 

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P.s. If there's anything you think I should ADD to this list mention it in the comments below :)