NYC: 3 Events to Scope Out

Just a short post on a few exciting events you should check out this month, if you're in NYC.

1. The Seed Experience

For an exciting two days in NYC, The Seed invites those who are curious about the vegan lifestyle to learn all there is on living a positively plant based life. There will be cooking classes, tasty vegan samples, and informative sessions to kickstart your health-kick. The two days of vegan exploration happens on Aug. 9 + 10 @ 82 Mercer Street.

Get more info + register here.

2. Jeff Koons: A Retrospective @ The Whitney

Before you get the Jeff Koons x HM balloon dog purse make sure you visit the exhibition. Koons, an American artist, turns banality into lustrous pieces of arts. I'm a lover of contemporary art and sculpture and will be sure not to miss the last exhibition being held at the Whitney (before they move downtown).

Get more info here.

3. Discover Victorinox latest watch: the I.N.O.X.

Head over to SIR Stage37 and get the chance to discover the new timepiece before anyone else with the chance to win one of the seven watches they have up for grabs. The event is free and jam-packed with lots of surprises. Although, I am a lady, I think having classic and strong watch on my wrist packs quite the statement and so YES you'll see me there vying for the chance to bring a new timepiece home.

Register for the event here (August 27th)

Stay fly New York!