Five Main NYC Chill Spots

Although there are a multitude of gems hidden across the city (aka the island of Manhattan), these spots always have me coming back for more when the temps rise. Except for the food spots, those places will always own my soul year round.

The Frying Pan

is amazing and quite frankly better than any rooftop bar. With a cool breeze from the water and a variety of drinks, this place always has me coming back with my wolfpack.

The drinks here at Elsa are superb + crafted with the utmost care. A super chill spot in the East Village where you can actually carry on a conversation with good friends. Bonus: It's so chill you'll barely recognize celebs sitting near you.

Let's just say that if you got locked in overnight at the Chelsea Market you wouldn't care. This place has everythinggg! Well, everything but a Duane Reade but seriously it's still amazing and situated right next to the highline.

Micheladas and heavenly arepas, also know as Caracas. Worth the wait and worth every dollar, you'll definitely find me here at least once a month. I swear if I didn't owe Sallie Mae so much loot, I'd be here every night.

So after the party, it's the after party, but after that it's straight to Pomme Frites. Open late, a million and one different sauces, fresh fries it would make any happy-houred person cry. Even if you're not happy-houred it's still one of those places you NEED to check out and eat at. Your tummy will thank you.

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