Five Favorite Spots in Prospect Park

Although I hail from Queens, I reside in Brooklyn. Won't say exactly where, but I live extremely close to Prospect Park and it's amazing. So when reviewing my posts, it was quite actually a shocker that I haven't posted anything about this glorious park. Raising rent can instill fear in a multitude of ways. But, this park is quite seriously my oasis away from the daily craziness that we call New York City. Here are my five favorite haunts around and in Prospect Park for the next time you take a trip to this magical land.

For some seriously strong coffee and great snacks (picnic anyone?) stop in at Tip of the Tongue and pay the friendly folks behind the counter a visit. Or if you're like me, stop in everyday because coffee is your mojo. The guys that run this place have a serious knack for creating happiness in a bite, especially during those brunch hours. Plus!! Fresh croissants every single day, just make sure you get there early enough since they tend to run out quick.

43 Lincoln Road

The best thing for you guys to do right now is to check out Celebrate Brooklyn!'s lineup and mark your calendars... So do that now here. Alright, now that you're back, the performances at this bandshell are usually free + the lineup can be pretty amazing. I tend to bring a blanket, a bottle of wine, good friends and enjoy the show outside of the actual bandshell area. The music is usually pretty loud to enjoy outside of the perimeters, so remember that tip when planning your trip. 

9th Street & Prospect Park West (follow the music)
Celebrate Brooklyn!

Visit the Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket for fresh baked goods along with produce and fruits. It's a great way to interact with the community and take part in cooking lessons. Or, eat. If you haven't noticed by now I love to eat, can't stress that enough. Sometimes after running a loop through the park I'll make my way back to the market for some glorious carbs.

Prospect Park West & Flatbush Avenue

I'm actually really excited about the new LeFrak Center inside of Prospect Park, primarily because I love ice skating and roller skating (DJ Roller Dance series coming soon too). What's funny is that I used to live in a building, for a short while, called LeFrak City in Queens. I'm taking this a sign that I have to have some roller derby fun every weekend of summer, no matter how humid. AND when things get really hot, cause it will, they have a water play area so you (and I) can easily cool off. Side note: This is a must visit when traveling with children. 

171 East Drive

Now, when I just want to spread out, take some sun and get my reading done I ride my not-so-fancy bike to Long Meadow. It's picturesque, spacious, and relaxes me no matter what hell I've been through and back. 

Long Meadow, Prospect Park (Northern Tip)

Hope My five favs inspire you guys to come check out my neck of the woods real soon. And if you're ever in need of suggestions of things to do or check out while in NYC, hit me up!

P.s. this fun all-white dinner/party/event is happening real soon too!