You Should Rent #16

Dark Habits - directed by Pedro Almodovar

This film is infused with organic comedy, bold colors, amazing set designs and dark shadows. And most importantly we start to notice that no one is whom they say they are, or to view it from another perspective the people we encounter are forced to fit into a social group that is denying them the chance to be who they really are. My favorite sequence (and awesome use of lighting to make something comedic) that demonstrates this is when Yolanda enters the convent, filling the dark space with an enormous light source, and Mother Superior walks towards the light and Yolanda. I wont say more about the nuns visceral reactions towards being placed in a convent but it does add to good laughs. 

You should rent this film because it shows the true nitty gritty of the 80s. The set designs revolve around pop culture and bold colors. The set design also offers an insight into characters when comparing, for example, their bedrooms. All the nuns sleep in an open, bare and gray room while Yolanda sleeps in a chamber that belongs in a Vincente Minnelli film.

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