LLS///Team in Training

Hi Y'all,

This past December, curiosity spurred by fliers and online research, I decided to attend a Team in Training meeting. To be honest, I knew very little about the organization until I attended my very first meeting. It was at that meeting where I learned about the support this organization provides to the countless people affected by blood cancers. It was at that point where I knew I wanted to do this and dedicated myself to the cause. I joined the Team.

Team in Training isn't just athletes or avid runners competing in marathons or triathlons, it's everyday people; moms, dads, brothers, sisters, friends and neighbors coming together to be apart of something bigger than themselves. Every dollar raised is put toward medical research that can someday find a cure, or at least bring doctors one step closer to one.

Please help support the cause and me as I fundraise and train, make a donation today. Be a part of something big.

Thank you,
Aileen O.

P.s. Spreading the message would mean a lot to me!!