Heart Kate Miss

Formerly known as For Me, For You, the shop has changed it's name to Kate Miss to streamline all the products that Miss Kate produces under one name. She's back this season with handmade necklaces I'd love to own but thanks to the gift giving shenanigans (and waiting tables job) I can only stare from the interworlds. Le sigh. 

Cast Bronze Crescent

Hand waxed, cast in bronze, and again hand finished it's a great piece to spruce up sweaters and tees. You can find that here.

Beaded Bronze Amulet

Another beautiful handmade necklace and each one is unique due to the process in which they are made. If I owned this it would be a great necklace to layer with as well as to pair with summer (think flowly and beachy) dresses. You can find that here.

Check out the complete collection from Miss Kate @ jewelry.katemiss.com