Apartment Project: The Bathroom Pt. 2

So when we first left off with the bathroom it was still in it's before stage. Well, I finally have some after fotos for your pleasure and concern.

My boyfriend had wanted his opinions to be included when decorating and arranging the new apartment, so when asked about what color scheme he wanted for the bathroom his response was black. I am not surprise because he wants everything in black or covered in skulls. It's pretty hard to make black work with the tiles and white cabinet and tub but I was up for the challenge. 

First I changed the shower curtain and looked for something that the boyfriend approved. 

This was the only thing he approved since he hated flower design curtains and I did not want my light source to be blocked by a completely black shower curtain.

Ughh. But accomplished.

Next I added some knobs to the cabinet to spruce up the all white. I got these from Anthropologie and were very easy to install.

And this is where we are at in the process. Don't worry it is to be continued!!