Objects Relations Theorist

Has it only been one day/weekend of me being agitated at home or am I just exaggerating? Am I just making a big deal??

Let me tell you something girl! Differences start to come out when two people start to co-habitat. As an individual, I can most certainly be messy/dirty/gross but for the most part, every place has its home. Yes, I admit to being very spontaneous but I also admit to organizing every second of my life in the organizer and god forbid the day I lose it. Hmmm... maybe it's me. Maybe I need to not fret when I see the bed unmade. Maybe I need to get stoned more. Maybe I need to not be a student with a full-time job. Maybe I should stop blogging about my issues as if I were on LiveJournal.

A while back my sis and I used to be renters and we definitely clashed over things. At the same time we're sisters and regardless of how much fighting occurs over a wet bathroom floor, we are bound to each other by our blood.

Comprising is hard. Very fucking hard indeed.

It's been months since I've been able to get my things out of CT and Queens. I blame it on comprising and my lack of a license.

P.s. When the fuck did I get prescribed Seroquel? That shit is cray. If there's one way a modern day zombie is created it is through the prescription of Seroquel. No thanks, not for me.