Oh, the Places You'll Go!

 Dear Dr. Suess, 

I'm off to great places just like you said. 

There are moments of silence and moments alone.

 My sneakers have leaked as I hiked and hiked,

 but my brainy brain tells me the waiting room is not for me. 

No matter how wide and long nor discouraging the waiting room is,

I'm looking and looking for the opener air, just like you said. 

The bang-ups and hang-ups do get me in a funk, 

all gloomy and moody and a gray cloud named sally tends to follow,

 but no worries!!

 I heard the boom band loud and bright, and I stepped carefully towards the musical notes. 

Pretty soon I was mixed up no more. 

But like you said, life is a balancing act and I'm still trying to move mountains without losing the balance.

I'll send you a telegram from time to time,

to let you know I'm doing just fine. 

Don't worry old friend of mine -

that mountain will get moved,

just like you said.

-With love, Aileen