I Lost a Follower

Can you believe that I'm still not fully unpacked. Things are still in different states and I don't know how I will ever get them to my new home. The internet is still not connected and we are going to not get cable, which will either make me very productive or very sad that I'm missing out on the Real Housewives' drama… gosh I really like it when Teresa fights with people.

I do love to write in my blog but that has been extremely difficult without the internet. Feels like this all a complaint… but, it's not.

Besides the "moving" dilemma, everything has been peachy. I mean our fridge isn't stocked, but that's because we don't have anything to cook with. We do have a lot of cups and wine glasses.

The bf and I get along. Sometimes in the early morning (11am, not really early, but some consider it early) I stare at the bf's arms and his face. There's something really, really attractive about his arms… I can't put my finger on it because he's not like a Jersey bro, although he is from Jersey he's not one of those bros. I don't know… I just want to jump his bones when I stare at his arms.

We don't shower together anymore… le sigh. It was one of my favorite past times with him. I guess the bathroom is small or maybe he wants his alone time in there since he sees me all the time.

My one worry though, is what happens if we stop boning? All of September he held out on me for unjust reasons and it felt like punishment, and then almost all of October up until last week we were boning like crazy… but is there such a thing as too much boning and will it make him get bored with the way I bone him? FYI: I stopped the boning last week because of this worry.

My second worry is I need to get on birth control ASAP!! I can easily see how couples that live together end up having babies, unplanned babies. You sleep next to the person every night and without the worry of parents hearing the bed creak and on the whim of a hormonal surge in the body boning will happen indefinitely. AND everyone knows that boning is just a nicer way of saying fornication and fornication creates babies!! I can not have babies just yet… maybe at twenty-eight, but certainly not now.

Now if only my OCD list-making will stop getting in the way of calling my doctor for a refill.

P.s. Why does birth control, during the first few months, turn me into a crazed lady with enough emotions to fuel "Days of Our Lives"?