Dead Beat Summer

Summer classes are coming to a halt next week and this summer has a shortage of awesome adventures. Everything I really wanted to do didn't happen. And when some sort of excitement happened the next day or night or both were spent puking my insides away.

All I really wanted some sun time spent at the beach. Shed a tear for me why dontcha.

Approaching fall weather is quickly ending my much beloved summer season (the best season EVAR) so there's nothing to do but maintain all sources of productivity and creativity. I've been lacking in the style department so DEF gotta work on not being so homeless looking. I live in (well you can't take New York City out of me) New York City for Chris Issak's sake!! Girls should be fucking stylish at all times in the city especially when fall fashion week(s) happens the next month. No more slacking. I mean I have all the equipment to pull through and the legs to work it with... le sigh. We will see.

Ohh, and even bigger news. I'm coming back. Well I'm coming back to the city that I adore. Maybe Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan... Who really knows. I'm super excited for the move back but also very nervous because of the big change. The change being not moving in with roommates but with the boyfriend. How lovely but scary. Not the first time I moved in with a boyfriend but definitely the first time I move in with the love of my life. Who knows what we may go through or expect but I hope he keeps me warm at night since I have a tendency to freeze, then sweat, but freeze when drifting in and out of sleep.

P.s. Sorry about all the sweating boyfriend. I can't help it.