Revisit the Wolfpack!!

1. Rowing at Central Park

2. Tour Brooklyn brewery

3. Bedford Village Market

4. Go to a Yankees game

5. Go to a Mets game

6. Go to Studio Square

7. Go to the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck

8. Met Museum with drinks on the rooftop

9. P.S. 1 Museum on Saturdays

10. Go thrifting at the Brooklyn flea market

11. Run a 5K

12. Union pool "Summer Thunder" series

13. Explore Figment's art installations on Governor's Island

14. Go to a new rooftop bar

16. Go to Rainbow City & check out the Lot

17. Take portraits/photos on the highline

18. Ride the new carousel at Brooklyn Bridge Park

19. Go to Coney Island/Luna Park

20. Ride the ferry to Sandy Hook Beach

21. See a free Summerstage show

23. Watch a rooftop flick

24. Hang in the city's public pools

25. Go tanning at Pier 1 in Brooklyn

26. Go to Animation Block Party

27. WEPA! Wednesdays at El Museo del Barrio

28. Enjoy a concert at Celebrate Brooklyn

29. Go to the floating pool lady

30. Go to the Gansevoort Park Summer Series

31. Watch a game of Gotham girls roller derby

32. Hardfest

33. Visit 5pointz

34. Go to Jones Beach

36. See a concert at Williamsburg Waterfront

38. Party on a sunday

39. New Museum Block party

40. Go rock climbing in Central park

41. Go to Painkiller bar

42. Explore City Island

43. Watch rock & roll films at Coney Island

44. Go to Water Taxi beach

45. King of New York competition

46. See Portraits in Dramatic Time

47. See the Redbulls in action

48. Go bike riding at Red Hook

49. Go long boarding at the Riverside park

50. Celebrate Bastille Day

51. Catskills and stay in a retro trailer

52. Six Flags

53. VA Beach


55. Watch summer blockbusters

56. Visit Portland, MA

57. Go to a BBQ party

58. Go to the sex museum

59. Have a stoner friendly day

60. Go camping

61. Go hiking

62. Take beach polaroids

63. Karaoke



66. Foxwoods


68. Screen a film in the boyfriend's backyard

69. Watch a film in Bryant Park

22. Pary at the Cooper-Hewitt museum -

Totally missed my chance to do this party right. it fell on the same night of babysitting duty. Untill next summer dear party of mine.


Seems like I'm doing a stellar job at not being a wolf. It could also be that I'm broke... hmm. Yeah, that has a lot to do with it. Back to the job market of finding lovely serving jobs. Oh, and happy first of July y'all!! Summer is already two weeks in and it feels so good. If you haven't already done so, please go to the beach and relax. It's a wonderful thing. 

Besides that, July first means I can finally resume all my crazy antics of scheduling and being crazy and creative. It's been a while since fotos have been taken/developed and it's definitely has been a while since I mailed some made-with-love postcards out to friends.

Fuck, I really love summertime. Cropped tops for the win.