Staycations Are All I Never Wanted

I got the itch… I got the itch… I got the itch…

It’s been a bit too long since I left the tri-state area and my need to get away has increased ten-fold.  All this rain coming this way is killing the outdoorsy summer beach bum trips I’ve been planning. School is not helping the cause. WHY TAKE PRIDE IN MY BIKINIS IF I CAN’T WEAR THEM!!

Oh yes… and I promised my sister not to take any vacays until some dues have been met.

Staycations are so lame. Why does summer feel like it’s halfway done??

Last night was my first at my dad’s. It was uncomfortable, to say the least, and a number of rules to abide by feels impossible. For example one of them is to help set the table but to not expect any dinner his wife makes.

Alright, time to get my baby hair styled.

Ugh... just take me away Calagon!