15. NYC Pride Parade

On Sunday afternoon I had to divide the Pride parade festivities around work. I managed to see the parade participants setting up with the crowds starting to gather, well crowds and fabulous drag queens. Then after a slow day of work, the UES seriously felt like a ghost town, I was finally released and headed south towards the traffic. The energized vibe was so thick you could cut through it, regardless it was contagious. It seemed the other years paled in comparisons in celebrating Pride when doing foot tours of the West Village.

Well, duh. Just Thursday night New York became one of the biggest states to legalize same-sex marriage. Lots of couples proposing to each other, and mass weddings to follow. It was a fun day and thank goodness for the money situation otherwise I'd be tapping away and massaging my temples from a self-induced margarita hangover. I gave up on taking photos of the outrageous costumes and get-up people partied in, well because I didn't want to make my "breeder" origins more obvious and needed to be fully focused when dancing to Lady Gaga.