It's The Finals' Countdown

I'm ending this semester as an upper junior and I gotta say it feels the same as it did last year and the year before then. The amount of time I've spent actually studying and not sleeping at the library is insane.

I should probably limit the amount of complaints stemming from my mouth because of this tortuous week. Part of me feels like it's giving off a bad representation of my smarts. Actually no... F that. I still hate finals.

You get one week to fucking cram and pray that you make the grade so you don't have to retake the class. Soooo much pressure on an exam, because some teachers only grade you on the midterm and the final... HOW CRAZED IS THAT!! AND it's not just one exam for one class.... It's for all of your classes. So if you're like me and trying to get the hell out of college to start your career as a waitress, it's most likely like 15 credits (thats five courses).

UGH... Finals do not look good on me at all.

On to the other non-joys of my life.

Still looking for my apartment. It's insanely hard. Not enough closets, kitchen is too small, the neighbors aren't young enough, the block is too hood. Gosh. I might be stuck in this inbetween apartment phase forever it seems. Let me not even start on the rent. RENT IS RIDIC.

Crashing at my sister's or bf's place is all good and stuff. But I do need to find an apartment soon. I miss my bed.

What else... I miss my clothing and belongings. Everything is still packed in boxes at my mom's and it sucks. All those summer dresses and pretty shoes are waiting for me to come release them. I need to release them asap.

With me being homeless I've become the most disorganized and disorientated person. No longer am I able to make my weekly schedules and get shit done because I don't even know where to start. My lack of postings will be blamed on me not knowing what to do. For example, I wake up Thursday morning and I'm just like what the fuck am I suppose to do. And then I think about and just end up doing nothing. Or I'll do something and it wont be the thing that was suppose to be done.

Gosh, this grammar is horrible... whatevs... Free write journal style.

Dear Apartment,

Please come quick and without a broker's fee.



P.s. Please pray that I get credit for all my classes.
Thanks again.